About 關於SEASON四季季盛—禮盒花專門

SEASON Precious Blossom

Luxury Flower Box and Roses


Every rose is a god’s gift to the world, a centerpiece of all creations.

Thanks to the special methods developed in Japan and Europe, we’re able to preserve all of their natural beauty for an extended lifespan.


Each one of our boxed roses was carefully arranged, with an array of colors to represent your passion, sincerity, and grandeur.

四季季盛SEASON所重視的品牌精神,一直為傳遞心意的美妙旅程,在各式各樣的場合中,為珍愛的人的重要時刻,獻上難忘的Open Box驚喜回憶。

As a brand, SEASON was created to deliver all the everlasting expression of your emotions for that special someone in your life, and create all the forever-cherished moments.

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