1. 每朵不凋永恆玫瑰均經過獨家技術處理,無需澆水即可保存及觀賞長達999日的時間。

2. 請勿長期將不凋永恆花放置於密閉潮濕的空間,建議放置通風良好、乾爽的地方。

3. 請勿將香水、香精噴灑於不凋永恆花中,可能會導致水份過多而褪色及質地改變。

4. 花朵表面若沾染灰塵或毛屑時,請使用筆刷或吹球輕輕去除,依舊能持續保持不凋永恆花的美觀。

5. 隨著空間的溫度及濕度,不凋永恆花若有些許改變顏色及狀態,均屬於正常現象。

6. 每朵不凋永恆玫瑰花均為工匠精心製作的工藝技術而來,繁瑣的製作過程讓每朵玫瑰生成均需要一週以上的時間,全程採取對人體無害的藥劑與有機染料,實為環保無毒的Eco花材,若接觸皮膚而不小心染色,請用肥皂水去除即可。

以上為SEASON 不凋永恆禮盒花的保存方式,若有其他保存及保養上的問題,請不吝於撥打客服專線或將您的問題E-Mail到信箱,會有專人為您服務,謝謝您。

Care and Handling

Each one of the preserved rose went through a unique process, which retains all of their natural beauty and can go without watering for an extended lifespan. 

Preserved flowers are very fragile and must be handled with care, there are few things to remember: 

  • Keep the flowers in well-ventilated places with low humidity  

  • Avoid spraying the flowers with perfume or essential oil, as water and moisture may cause the color to fade and damage the flower. 

  • Clean the flowers with gentle dusting using small brushes or rubber air blower

  • Differences in heating, cooling, humidity, and placement of the flower can cause changes in color and its rate to degrade. 

Our preserved flowers are delicately treated with revolutionary techniques by experts, each taking over a week after picking with all their stunning looks captured. The entire process uses non-toxic, noncorrosive natural chemicals, and dye, therefore they do not represent any risk for human health nor for the environment. If the color transfers when touching the flower, wash the stain with warm water and soap.

If you have any further questions regarding the care and handling of your flowers, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone call, we will gladly assist you. Thank you very much.